Must have product that makes your foundation last all day

Hellooo, sorry I haven't posted in a while! It's been a bit hectic with wedding season :) 

Thought I'd let you guys know about an amazing product I came across a few months ago. Every lady has had one of those days when you will have applied your makeup in the morning, left the house and by the time you've got to work and looked in the mirror your foundation will have slid down your face and disappeared!! 

No matter how expensive the foundation, it needs a good base to stay put. Introducing... Hydra Veil by Illamasqua! This primer cools and plumps the skin leaving it prepped and ready for your foundation. Having slightly oily skin myself I was a little worried it would make me oiler and highlight my pores as it says it is for a dryer skin type, but actually I found it regulated the oil and kept it at bay. Hydra Veil leaves skin a little dewy but not shiny and after working a 12 hour day all I found I needed was a little powder on my nose at lunchtime! 

Only the tiniest piece of the product is needed and it's best applied with a foundation or buffing brush all over the face after a light moisturiser. I've been pairing it with the lovely Illamasqua Skin Base foundation for my bridal clients and they both sit lovely on the skin and photograph beautifully.

I have tried lots of different things in the past but never found anything that keeps my foundation looking this fresh all day. If any of you have trouble getting your makeup to stay put please give this a go! 

Let me know if you give it a try! X