Where will my hair and makeup trial take place? 

Hair and makeup trials can be carried out at your home or at mine in Chichester.

How far in advance should I have my trial?

We recommend meeting for a trial roughly 3-4 months before your wedding date. This gives you enough time to find your dress, any hair accessories/veil and your hair will be a similar length to what it will be on the big day. If possible it's a great idea to book your trial and then your dress fitting later that day as then you can see your whole look together!

How much time shall I allow for my trial?

A hair or makeup trial roughly take around 1 and a half hours - 2 hours and a hair and makeup trial will take around 3 hrs. 

Do I need a trial?

We highly recommend a trial if possible but it is not essential. It's a great opportunity to meet Charlotte before your wedding day to discuss and try out different looks and styles. 

When shall I wash my hair?

It is usually best to wash your hair the morning or night before your trial/wedding date. If you prefer to wash your hair daily please do, as I am able to use products and techniques that will still hold your style.