Four Cleansers That Really Do Tick All The Boxes


Last week you may have caught my post all about exfoliating, a ritual that  works its magic best post-cleanse. Here are some of my favourite cleansers that really do leave your skin feeling super smooth, clean and ready for bed.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is my queen of cleansers. Amazing for all skin types. There is something about its peachy pink colour and rose scent that makes it feel extra luxurious and heavenly. Apply to face straight from the pump and smooth over skin in circular motions letting it melt away makeup and impurities. Add a little water to emulsify and remove with a damp flannel or muslin cloth. If wearing a lot of makeup its a good idea to give your skin a quick cleanse with a cotton pad and some micellar water first. Your skin will now benefit from the nutritious ingredients in your cleanser and you will be left with soft, clean and nourished skin. This cleanser is also great to apply in the morning if you wake up with dry, lack-lustre skin - vitamin E, C and starflower oil are here to help give your skin a morning boost. Perfect.

If you are looking to try a cleanser for the first time and you have normal to dry or sensitive skin Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is for you. With its rich, silky texture it helps makeup glide off - even stubborn eyeliners and mascaras are defeated by this cleanser. If you have dry skin you will love this product as the shea butter ensures it never leaves your skin feeling dry and tight when removed. It comes in a handy circular tin and is my go-to cleanser when I travel. It is easy to pop in your weekend bag and you know there is going to be no Ross Geller like product explosions when you arrive! 


Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is a bathroom shelf staple. Cocoa butter, rosemary and camomile make this one of the best for smoothing, moisturising and removing daily dirt. With great waterproof eye make up removing powers it is the perfect all rounder. Super effective yet so gentle at the same time. A tube lasts forever and is a great way to prepare your skin for your bedtime moisturiser. 

Lastly I have a cleanser that is great for anyone with oily skin. As a teenager I used to have such oily skin and mattifying powder was definitely my friend. As I'm getting older the oil has now calmed but I really wish I knew about Temple Spa Way To Go back then. This cooling gel feels great as soon as you apply to skin and really leaves your pores feeling squeaky clean. Be sure to apply an oil free moisturiser afterwards even if you have oily skin, as drying your skin out can lead to more oil production. All skin needs a daily dose of moisture.

Happy cleansing!



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