Naughty airport purchases


Duty-free airport shopping in the early hours of the morning is definitely like going food shopping when you are hungry! 

Having been eyeing up Jo Malone colognes and candles for a good few years it didn't take much persuading to treat myself when I walked into their store and sniffed all the amazing combinations of fruits and florals. Peony Blush and Pink Suede is the perfect special occasion scent with notes of red apple and rose. This perfume is a real treat for yourself and your nose! 

Top tip to keep your perfume lasting all day - rub some body lotion on the areas you like to spray your perfume - the scent clings to the lotion giving you long lasting fragrance all day long! 

My next naughty purchase was a Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-In-Oil lipgloss. A combination of 5 different moisturising oils, it is the perfect holiday lip colour to keep lips moisturised during your sunny adventures. The scent of the lipgloss has a heavenly mango smell and the tint colour develops after a few seconds of wear into a subtle pink glow. The tint holds its colour for a good fews hours but doesn't fare so well in the eating and drinking test. It is perfect for an effortless every day pop of colour or an evening out on holiday and wins bonus points for also leaving lips moisturised with no dry feeling!

Charlotte GardnerComment